Village Chocolate

David Logbo is the youngest brother of Depa's chief.  Depa is located near Issia, Côte d'Ivoire.  David runs the rice mill which was built in 2013 by PH&F to hull rice for local farmers--thanks to a $10,000. Before the mill, women were forced to pound rice daily. 

David also runs the Depa Chocolate Factory, which produces disks and bars. If cocoa farmers make their own chocolate and sell it locally, they stand to make more than 50% of the retail price, whereas selling cocoa to middlemen, including Fair Trade cooperatives, only earns them 14% of the retail price (assuming a 70% chocolate bar).

The following are vignettes of Ivoirian cocoa farmer life, provided by David.  Tom gave him a $130 digital camera (the equivalent of someone giving Tom a Tesla).  David will be taking pictures and video to be featured in this section of the website.