Donations for Helping Villages Make Chocolate

1. Chocolate for Positive Social Change

For additional information, you can contact PH&F Treasure, Monty Rice at Address to mail donations: Donations, PH&F, 1298 Warren Road, Cambria, CA. 93428


2. Honorary Chocolatier

Mission: Help African cocoa farmers and villages boost incomes and break the cycle of poverty.

Goals: (a) expand PH&F’s proven success in the development of village cocoa cooperatives and production facilities that enable villages to participate in the full value chain from bean to finished products, (b) create adaptable models and management procedures to duplicate the success in many more villages, either by PH&F, other NGOs or local communities themselves, and thereby (c) boost the incomes, education, job skills, and village quality of life for the 2.5 million cocoa farmers in West Africa.

GENERAL FUNDS Your donations goes to supporting the overall mission of our nonprofit. Thank you!

Village Partner

Become a Village Partners. Four contributors of $10,000 each. This will purchase all the Equipment for a new village to become a bean-to-bar chocolate producer.

How Our Funds Are Used

All of the funds receive are used for Village development. We have no staff, only volunteers. Our financial statements are on file with the state of California Attorney Generals ofice for Charatible organizations. Your contribution is focused on getting the job done!

  1. Legal Fees to establish Village cooperatives
  2. Purchase Equipment for Chocolate Making
  3. Infrastructure projects (water well, chocolate factory, school roofs)
  4. Travel to Africa by Tom for training
  5. Education-related (pens, books, lights for studying)

Our primary mission is to enhance the sustainability of West African cocoa villages. This can be done in many ways, and these are listed below. We enhance sustainability by making in-kind gifts, that is tools, and improvements in infrastructure. We also enhance sustainability by working with village officials to establish village bank accounts and earmark funds for village improvements. These include building solar dryers so that cocoa beans can be stored for months, allowing villages to sell beans at a higher price.

Donations to the first three categories (Education, Tools, and Infrastructure) are for in-kind gifts. Donations to the fourth category, General Funds, helps us hire and train personnel who will meet with village chiefs and elders, working with them to establish bank accounts and earmark funds. This money also helps us deliver some of the larger tools. To donate, select the category you are interested in helping and write it in the comments field when you use PayPal. We will allocate your donation to the specific category or subcategory. Thus, if you donate to "Education" that will go into a general education fund. However, if you specify that you wish to pay school fees, the money will be allocated to the school fees budget. We encourage donations to the General Fund, because costs of shipping items and traveling to villages are very high. We try to amortize such costs by bringing the products with us on the tours, but as targeted donations increase, it becomes more and more difficult to pay distribution costs with tour sales alone.