Helping African Cocoa Farmers

Thanks for Your Support at Last Month's Fundraiser!

Thanks for all who donated and participated in the September 22 gala fundraiser! We were delighted to have an enthusiastic audience for the concert and enjoyment of African village-made chocolates. The donations and a grant to match them added $30,000 to support Project Hope and Fairness' mission.

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Tablettes Ready for Wrapping--Depa

David Logbo Zigro, president of the cooperative SOCOPLAN, makes these bars. His chocolate is smooth with a touch of roastiness and a strongly fruity finish.

David Logbo Zigro, président de la coopérative SOCOPLAN, fabrique ces bars. Son chocolat est onctueux avec un soupçon de torréfaction et une finale fortement fruitée.

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Pezoan African Fudge Bars

Pezoan is now manufacturing African FudgeBars for sale in France and in the US. Adama Yamba is in charge of the project. The bars come in three flavors: vanilla, peanut, and candied orange.

Pezoan fabrique désormais des African FudgeBars destinés à la vente en France et aux Etats-Unis. Adama Yamba est en charge du projet. Les barres se déclinent en trois saveurs: vanille, cacahuète et orange confite.

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Forastero Cocoa

Almost all of the cocoa grown in Côte d'Ivoire (which supplies more than 75% of the world's cocoa beans) comes from the Forastero variety, introduced. to Africa in the 15th century by the Portuguese..

La quasi-totalité du cacao cultivé en Côte d'Ivoire (qui fournit plus de 75% des fèves de cacao du monde) provient de la variété Forastero, introduite. en Afrique au XVe siècle par les Portugais.

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Installing the Broyeuse

Founded in 2006, PH&F initially focused on distributing tools to cocoa farmers. In 2013, PH&F re-focused its efforts on building mini-chocolate factories. Here we see the cocoa liquor mill being installed at the Depa plant in 2017.

Fondée en 2006, PH&F s'est d'abord concentrée sur la distribution d'outils aux producteurs de cacao. En 2013, PH&F a recentré ses efforts sur la construction de mini-chocolateries. Ici, nous voyons le moulin à liqueur de cacao en cours d'installation à l'usine Depa en 2017.

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Our story is the story of African cocoa farmers.

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