8. Ebekawopa, Ghana

Tom has been visiting Ebekawopa since 2006, when Peter Sewornoo, an old friend, introduced Tom to the village; Rev. Sampson, the Lutheran minister, has hosted Tom and his visitors ever since.

 Since 2006, Tom has donated $400 of tools annually and the village made Tom Nkorsorhene (Development Chief) in 2008. 

Total Value of Tools to Ebekawopa:  (7 years * $400) = $2,800

Solar System for Rev. Sampson's  House = $200

Front Doors for Rev. Sampson's House =  $200

Solar oven = $200

Cocoa Drier = $200


We are hoping to purchase a cocoa butter extractor ($6000) in 2015 and a diesel generator to run it ($3,000) so that the village can press cocoa beans that won't sell well on the market and derive profit from them.

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