20. Zereguhe, Côte d'Ivoire

We have enjoyed visiting Zereguhe since the first year--2006. The picture is of the chief and his little son, who was running around with a knife blade while scratching the back of his neck! The chief is very anxious to build the economy of his village. A good illustration of the character of this man: we donated a $2,500 cargo trike in Januafry, 2015, and he promptly signed it over to Djoula in his village: a present from a Southerner (Bété) to a Northerner (Djoula) and a sign of how important peace and love are to cocoa farmers.

Donations we have made to this village…

Boots ($200) in 2006

Small tools (6*400) or $2,400 from 2007 to 2014

Scale $500

Dryness meter $600

Public Toilet $1,500

Cargo Trike $2,500

TOTAL: $7,700

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