13. Jukwa, Ghana

This is more a town than a village.  It's main street is paved, and the town of probably close to 1,000 extends into the bush.  The houses along the road are made of concrete blocks, their roofs of galvanized steel.  We have visited the chief on numerous occasions.  His family has owned thousands of square miles of Fante land that extends from the town of Mankessim.  Traditionally, the Fante were enemies of the Ashanti to the north, who would capture Fante on raids and sell them to the Portuguese, Dutch, or British, who manned the forts of Cape Coast and Elmina. Two of the most famous Fante were UN Sectretary General Kofi Annan and President John Mills.

We visited Jukwa annually from  2007 to 2012.

The picture is of our first meeting in Jukwa.  We have donated at least $1,200 of tools to the town.

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