Helping African Cocoa Farmers

End of the Chocolate Colonial System

Project Hope and Fairness is making 7 villages in Côte d'Ivoire into cacao processing centers.  This will in effect end the colonial grasp on the cocoa farmer.  The Depa project will be finished by Christmas, 2016.

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West African Children

Children in the cocoa-growing areas are expected to do a lot of household chores, in this case the dishes.

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Seven Villages Bar

Made from the beans of seven villages in Côte d'Ivoire;  25 cents from sale of each bar used to start micro chocolate factories.

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Best Cocoa Farmer in Ghana

Mensah and his wife are "rich."  They live in the village of Edumfe, Ghana in an air-conditioned house.

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Housewife and Cocoa Farmer

This woman is Burkinabe--from Burkina Faso--and she lives in a hamlet that is separate from the main community.

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Cocoa Beans

Each tree produces 30-40 pods per year and each pod contains about 40 beans, which are covered in delicious tasting "placental tissue."

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Hybrid Cocoa

A tree in Dadease, Ghana.  Cocoa comes in many varieties.  This tree is probably partly Trinitario, which is characterized by red pods.

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Ekona Research Center

Meet Kingsley Etchu who is anxious for us to start building the cocoa research center!

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Our Four Missions

Project Hope and Fairness has four missions...

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Africa Crossing the Borders

West Africans have little economic opportunity.  This boy chose to leave Cote d'Ivoire by suitcase.  Such a story would not happen if we changed the structure of the world chocolate industry.  

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What is PH&F?

Our story is the story of African cocoa farmers.

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David's Corner

David documents life in the cocoa farming village.