57. FRAMI, GHANA, 2014

FRAMI, GHANA, 2014. One of the two mélangeurs now installed in West African villages. They have a capacity of about 20 Kg or 40 lbs, perfect for making relatively small batches of bars—about 600. To make chocolate, you start by calculating your formula. For example, if you want a 50% milk chocolate, you would plan on using 20 lbs of nibs/butter. For example, you might use 3 lbs of cocoa butter and 17 lbs of nibs, then 15 lbs of sugar and 5 lbs of milk powder. You start by microwaving the butter, then adding the sugar and milk powder, letting this grind for about an hour before beginning to add the 17 lbs of nibs. These should be added slowly—over a period of about 2 hours. The chocolate should grind for about 36 hours before it becomes really smooth.

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